Thursday, February 25, 2016

Musings on new collage work. 2016.

 Musings on new collage work. 2016.

Above is a pile of recently completed collage works.

“I will try to reach the landscapes of where you begin, not the reflection of what I pretend.” – From the song “Summertime” by The Fire Theft.


Soliloquy I

I begin with colors not unlike my acrylic paint palette. Selected colored papers, as well as earthy imagery, are invited into my collage process. I cut shapes as biomorphic as possible that often give way to sharper angles. These hard edges, for instance, stem from my abundance of time spent indoors meditating the outdoors, and vice-versa. These seemingly disparate states are automatically unfolding, and are the framework of my approach in image making and the steering through my thoughts during the process.

 Public Library Building
20 x 18 inches
paper collage

As my collage imagery is actualizing, I continue to render these as naturally and earthy as any idea I have ever had. However, looking back, I have noticed that nature has always been a part of my work. Though the previous ‘scapes derived from the act of play, memories fade so they are a bit fuzzy to me now. Presently, I record new subconscious imagery of a land I have never seen but can’t help but dream about. We are now meeting face to face. 

In exercising the practice of following visual prompts, I continue to compose lush and imaginative places. I’m pointing to nature, in a different way, without the poetry of words that my previous works may have elicited. This new work is more personal, though the opposite may be true, but in the end who knows? I will change that statement tomorrow, if it ever gets here. 

What has begun is a somehow story being told in these works. I record my thoughts/ideas as verbatim as possible. These pictures derive from what I think and feel, and/or what I think that I think and feel. This new imagery is an investigation into the different sides of myself that draw from the spiritual effects of places I’m at, and those I have yet to visit. I find that going there is possible because tomorrow hasn’t happened yet, and it never will. 

Oral history
18 inch diameter (approx.)

paper collage


This growing body of work is, in part, a record of what I envision tomorrow to be like. Before I know it, it’s already here and I am usually wrong. As I continue to focus on these themes, they always change. I have a responsibility to accept the unpredictable nature of this process. Only to find that these collages are also continuously wrong. I’m doing my best. 


Soliloquy II

I stand on the rock of nowhere. With images from the past that are not me, and never were.

I long for the safety on interior spaces. Rather than far off places. So I took the rock home. I’m still nowhere.


Thank you for your support.


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