Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Small shaped paintings on foam

13" x 9" acrylic and house paint on foam 2013

How we made it through the arboretum 
12" x 10" acrylic and house paint on foam 2013

the canary and the cardinal
13" x 9" acrylic and house paint on foam 2013

I have been working on rigid foam, off and on, for a couple of years. I have made a few constructions with them in the past and enjoy watching it change my approach to painting. 
It is very easy to cut and shape. It holds its rigidity and has a nice 2" depth and really has a nice presence on the wall. The behavior of paint on the surface is very interesting. It holds washes nicely as well has thick and opaque paint applications.

Here are some works from the past, using the same material:

pull toy 
21" x 21" x 18"
foam, wood, plastic, acrylic paint, rope and casters

 monologue with yellow and purple
5" x 13" foam, wood and acrylic paint

I hope you enjoy these works, thank you!

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